As spring begins to turn into summer, we near one of the most magical moments in the grape’s cycle: the veraison. This stage, the changing of the colour, marks the beginning of the grapes’ ripening phase. Red varieties change from green to red and blue, while white varieties go from green to a lighter, more yellow colour. 40 days later the fruit is ready to be picked.

The excitement of the harvest is an experience in which all social backgrounds merge. It involves all sorts of professionals from wine businesses to day-labourers, œnologists and cellarmasters. There’s even a sense of revolution in the air, though all are busy at their different tasks. It’s the most colourful moment in the winemaking process. The grapes are separated from their land and conveyed to the cellars. With the help of man, these grapes’ umbilical cord is cut from the mother-vine and a new life for them is begun.

A new life provided by the cellars, which will help turn them into wine.