The word “sabina” for us has special significance. It equates to the idea of things well done, a dedication to working in meticulous detail, and caring for nature -our ultimate source of inspiration. Its name suggests a purity of feeling and a long-time dream fulfilled. Opening a bottle of La Sabina conjures up a sense of nature, of life and of the passing of time. The main protagonist in this scenario is the Designation of Origin “Pago”, a classification that only 18 wineries in Spain hold, and whose wines display an abundance of superb flavours, unique aromas and sumptuous textures.

Each of our wines in the La Sabina range contains a fascinating story centred on our sabina trees:

Cuatro bonitas historias se encuentran de tras de cada uno de nuestros vinos:


This story: Legend has it that during the waxing moon, at night-time, the Sabina trees shine brighter than ever. And after 2,000 years of existence these trees now appear to be enjoying a rebirth in the light of that silvery moon. During the harvesting season, when the grapes have reached full ripeness, the moon and the sabina trees combine to reflect light onto the bunches hanging on the vines.

The wine: Has a medium-deep, intense Bordeaux-red colour with a brick-red and ruby rim. Dense tears on the inside of the glass. Complex aromas come through on the nose with good integration of the French oak, together with ripe compote fruit, spices and a violet floral touch. Beautiful balance on the palate with ripe, expressive tannins that provide good flesh. Develops nicely into a flavoursome, expressive mid-palate and finish.

LA SABINA. SYRAH   /   75 CL.   /   14.5% VOL

This story: Is about the sabina trees and their changing environment. Every year during the changing of the seasons, flocks of migrating birds fly over the wine farm. The La Mancha countryside sets the scene for these birds on the wing that fill the skies with life and purpose. In that countryside, the pebbly vineyards too go through their annual metamorphosis, while the faithful sabina trees, year after year, silently observe the natural changes taking place around them.

The wine: A deep black-cherry colour with a ruby rim, dense tears on the inside of the glass and blueish glints reflecting the integrity of the wine. Ripe fruit aromas come through on the nose with patisserie hints and balsamic notes reminiscent of Mediterranean mountains. Also spices with light, creamy, sweet touches, together with smoky, toasty-oak hints. The wine is powerful on the palate, well-structured, intense and fleshy. The tannins are sweet and fleshy, thanks to the slow process of ripening. The oak is perfectly integrated without overpowering the grape variety, enabling great fruit flavour to come through in the finish.


This story: This one is about a donkey which once lived on the estate and adopted the sabina forest as its favourite summer haunt. The donkey often took refuge in the shade of the sabina trees, which sheltered it from the hot sun. The surrounding pastures also offered an area of grazing that was far tastier than anywhere else on the estate. This donkey lived to a ripe old age, thanks, it is said, to living in close proximity to the sabina trees.

The wine: A medium to deep, intense black-cherry colour with blueish, Bordeaux-coloured glints on the rim, characteristic of the main grape variety. Powerful red berry and black fruit aromas are perfectly integrated with the new oak. Notes of mediterranean scrub also come through together with balsamic hints. Rich on the palate with fruit character showing from start to finish. Good balance between acidity, alcohol and tannins. Full and elegant.


This story: The story. During the month of September, the majestic Sabina tree was quietly observing the patient picking of the grapes of the new vintage, when one of the most anticipated occurrences of the year took place: in the shade of the tree, an old stag began bellowing its mating call in a demonstration of fertility, sensuality and elegance –a perfect show of harmony in the natural world. Finca la Sabina Tempranillo.

The wine: The wine. The premium expression of the Conesa Family winery • Designation of Origin Pago Guijoso. This wine was aged for 12 months in French oak barrels selected from the best cooperages in the world. A deep black-cherry colour with a dense rim and tears and blueish glints reflecting the integrity of the wine. On the nose, red berry and black fruit aromas come to the fore with smoky, spicy, leather notes showing through against a creamy backdrop. Full and long on the palate with a mouth-feel suggestive of the extra fine-grained texture of the barrels in which the wine was aged. Silky and enveloping. The perfection of a Reserva wine.

‘La Sabina • Vinos Denominación de Origen Pago’

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