The name “Doncella”, which means “Maiden”, has its origin in an ancient story about the Pago Guijoso vineyard. It is said that when the vines were young, a young maiden used to take a walk through them every afternoon to watch the sun setting on the vines. Nobody perhaps saw her up close, but everybody said that this young maiden, who wore garlands of flowers, would sing songs of love in the vineyard. The vines today hold the secrets of those love songs of legend, which live on today in each bottle of “La Doncella”.

LA DONCELLA CHARDONNAY  /  75 CL.  /  13% VOL (Premio Chardonnay du monde 2020)

A very clean, brilliant pale straw colour with greenish glints. On the nose, tropical fruit aromas, such as ripe pineapple, come to the fore, along with attractive notes of apple and banana. On the palate this wine has a wonderful silky, smooth texture.

LA DONCELLA ROSADO   /   75 CL.   /   13% VOL

A medium-deep, intensely-coloured rosé with delicate violet tones. Impressive in every aspect, the wine is lively, clean, bright and very appealing. Candy notes come to the fore in a wonderful aromatic palette, featuring amazing lollypop and red berry fruit touches. On the palate, the wine is soft, complete and very smooth.

LA DONCELLA TEMPRANILLO   /   75 CL.   /   13.8% VOL

A medium-deep, intense black cherry colour with a lovely ruby hue and violet undertones. Clean, attractive and very bright. Fruit aromas such as blackberry and redcurrants come to the fore with lots of creamy notes and touches of spice. On the palate the wine shows lingering ripe fruit flavours that are well balanced by the acidity. This is an attractive wine with just the right amount of vivacity. It is harmonious from start to finish. Creamy notes come through in the finish with great definition, together with hints of liquorice.


A deep, intensely-coloured red with blueish undertones. Clean and very bright. Red berry and black fruits come through on the nose with delicate hints of cocoa and vanilla. Perfectly ripe on the palate with soft, harmonious tannins. The finish is long and structured with a lovely lingering flavour

‘La Doncella • Vinos de Castilla’

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