There is a moment in the wine production process that is especially magical, and that is the tasting. Tasting is one of the tools of the winemaker’s trade. It is an almost constant activity during the creation process, from when the fruit is harvested until the wine is ready to be bottled.

The wine is tasted before it goes into barrel, and before it is taken out of it. It is tasted in order to carry out the blending that will determine the final character of the wine. It is an exercise that is practised with utmost sincerity. Our wines ‘La Sabina’‘La Doncella’‘El Beso’ are the result of a constant process of tasting, and sincerity is a key condition at each step of that process. Each of our wines is different, since they are individually crafted and express elegance and sincerity.

This artisanal process is a time-honoured ritual, in which the land, the hand of man and the soul of the wine itself converge. Essence becomes flavour. When the wine bares all, in an ultimate gesture of sincerity, it tells us its true story. Old vines speak through their wine, transformed by the hands of man. Everything is thus subsequently revealed: the grape variety, the vintage, the ageing potential, the time spent in barrel and the levels of acidity. Tasting a wine from Pago Guijoso is experiencing the life of the vineyard it came from and understanding a message sent from its terroir.