How is wine made? Or more to the point, how is wine made so that it tastes perfectly delicious?

Well, this is how we make wine at Pago Guijoso.

We start by harvesting the grapes at night, when the temperature is around 10°C. Once transported to the winery, the fruit is thoroughly sorted and carefully kept at a cool temperature. Before being transformed into wine, the grapes become juice. As is always the case at Pago Guijoso, this is a free-run juice. But what exactly do we mean by free-run juice? The process to obtain this juice is slower but more natural, with no pressing of the grapes. The grapes, through their weight and through gravity, express their juice freely from the tank. It runs freely from the tap.

Once completed, this free-run juice is fermented. This is the alcoholic fermentation process, which takes place in stainless steel tanks. Subsequently, the resulting wine is put into either stainless steel or oak, depending on the grape variety and the wine we wish to produce.

Our winery contains over 500 French and American oak barrels. And in accordance with the natural and eco-friendly principles of our winery, our corks are sustainable and carry the Certificación de Bosques Sostenibles label (Sustainable Forests Certification).

Sustainable Forests Certification