The 2,000-hectare Pago Guijoso estate is located in the middle of the El Bonillo sabina forest, a forest of protected trees. 2 millennia of sabina trees marks the history of our estate. These majestic trees, so characteristic of our landscape, provide welcome shelter from the sun, while never losing that sweet perfume that they so generously exude. Most beautifully, when the winds lash our countryside, they can be observed seemingly dancing against a backdrop of green fields.

The sabina tree is one of the most protected in Europe. Its wood is so special that it is never attacked by woodworm, and it was once used to build warships. At Pago Guijoso today there are sabina trees of one thousand years old; and their wood, when cut into boards, is used at the estate to mature our Manchego cheeses.

The wood never loses its perfume, and hugging a Sabina tree, inhaling its aromatic wood, fills you with energy.

Though physically appearing like an impetuous shrub, it patiently witnesses the passing of time, observing the surrounding dry-farmed fields in which life never goes on indifferently.

It stands calmly facing time’s adversities, experiencing life alone, and offering lessons to those who have the patience to listen.

The sabina knows life and knows it well.