Having been separated from their vines, the grapes of Pago Guijoso begin their great journey towards their new home set in the middle of nature: the Pago Guijoso winery. Crossing its threshold is entering a world of complex detail. Standing in the middle of the Pago Guijoso estate, the winery is the epicentre of operations.

From any point on the estate, it never takes more than 20 minutes to get to the winery. It was built in a Manchego-Andalusian style and dates from 1987. Its first owner came from Seville, and he commissioned an architect from his home city to build it. Refurbished in 2007, it now features some of the best high-performing equipment in the world.

Our winery is divided into four parts:

• Vat room

• Two barrel cellars. One of them is an underground cave.

• Bottle cellar, where the wine “rests”. It stays for one or two years in enormous cellar bins in order to acquire enhanced roundness.