A Pago is a wine with an exclusive seal given to a vineyard with exceptional land. A wine with the Pago Designation of Origin is a unique appellation that is only awarded to wines coming from very carefully-defined land. Pagos are regulated by law:
“A Pago is a spot or a rural location with edaphic (soil-type) characteristics and a climate that distinguish it from its surroundings, and it is known by a name that is linked traditionally and by reputation with the growing of vineyards, from which wines with special character and qualities are produced”.
In Spain, there are only 18 Pagos.

They must fulfil very specific conditions:

• Pago wines must be made by the owners of the vines of the Pago.

• All the grapes destined to go into the Pago wine must be sourced from vines situated in the Pago.

• During the making of a Pago wine , a system of total quality must be in place, from the production of the grapes to the release of the wines onto the market.

The essence of the wines produced by the old vines of Pago Guijoso lies underground. The roots of the old vines are also those of the family that has taken great care of them. In a landscape made up of unique terroir, the vines are empowered. And they display an exclusive label: the Pago Designation of Origin. Limited to a small number of wineries, this appellation is only granted when there is special land, natural landscape and high quality in the making of the wine. This results in wines of power, structure and balance, just like those produced at Pago Guijoso. And they are made with complete organic purity. They are works of art whose history has been transmitted from generation to generation, from bunch to bunch, and from glass to glass.

This is life as we know it at Pago Guijoso.