When we created La Doncella Chardonnay in 2014 we wanted to immerse each stage of the winemaking in fatherly love, in a scientist’s respect, and in a worker’s passion.

We got up every day to the dream of doing a job that we loved. And now today, La Doncella Chardonnay has won the 2020 Gold Medal at the “CHARDONNAY DU MONDE” Wine Challenge, a competition held in France that has ranked La Doncella as ONE OF THE TEN BEST WINES IN THE WORLD and THE TOP CHARDONNAY IN SPAIN. We are especially proud to have won this award, and the Conesa family will always be grateful for having had this opportunity.

Here at Pago Guijoso, we know that our wine is “Much more than just a Wine”. It is the sum of all its parts: the place where it was grown, the care for the natural environment, the close monitoring of the grapes throughout the vine cycle, the tireless search for detail, dedication in all our work and most especially a great team of people thanks to whom our wines exhibit body, aromatics and flavours that combine to express pure poetry.

This Chardonnay, along with its accompanying range, evokes the story of a young maiden adorned with garlands of flowers, who would walk through the vines, apparently imbuing the old vines with their essence, perhaps freeing a secret that can only be discovered when experienced in the enjoyment of their glass of wine.


All that the wine needs now is to be uncorked. Then each of you will have a fun time in the best possible company.

‘’We hope to continue winning awards and thereby know that we are continuing to perform our jobs well, which is all we seek to do every day’’.

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